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Lake Tahoe Nevada Destination Wedding

This Love of Yours Photography DestinationIt was an incredibly beautiful and warm Memorial Day at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing a destination wedding where the seemingly endless lakeside meets clear emerald beach meets snowy mountain peaks. Definitely an awe inspiring combination! More to come from this Lake Tahoe wedding soon…

A little taste of Summer

This Love of Yours PhotographyIt’s 84 degrees outside and even with our window fan on full blast, it’s undeniably HOT in our San Francisco apartment. It’s such a rare event for the temperature to go up this high in the city, so I am totally embracing our fleeting taste of summer in April.  I went searching in our archives for this sequence, because where else would you want to be in a hot summer day, but outside. And more specifically lying out on a secluded beach with your favorite person, your camera and definitely a good book. It’s certainly my idea of a perfect summer day. ^.^

LA Bound

Now that Spring is coming to San Francisco, I find myself spending more and more time at home. That is because Spring for the city does not mean warmer weather. On the contrary, it means the fog is coming and with it, a bit of chilliness and wind. Being a fan of hot weather, I love the mild winters here, but the Springs not so much… However, looking on the bright side, with my extra time at home, I finally started looking through some of our personal photos from our latest trips! I am so behind, I am still looking through images from 2012… hehe But, it feels good to revisit some of these places… like LA. This trip was our first time there and looking through these photos, I can’t wait to make it back down again and to the milder So Cal warmth. ^.^

Seattle through Instagrams

Just a few frames from my time in Seattle. I was there assisting a friend and fellow photographer with one of her weddings. Needless to say, we made this weekend of business into a  memorable girl’s weekend as well. ^.^ As you can see, it was filled with lots of eating yummy foods, exploring, and shopping. Fun times!