Half Moon Bay Beach engagement- Kellye + Gary

Half Moon Bay Beach Engagement with blanketWhat a special treat we have for you today! For Kellye + Gary’s engagement session, we decided to go to one of the many secluded and breathtaking beaches along the coast in Half Moon Bay. Our beach had a grassy area filled with amazing dunes and interesting desert plants giving it an exotic, dreamy look which we absolutely loved.  Leading up to the session, Kellye + Gary warned us that they were not very comfortable in front of the camera and were worried about coming out “weird”, but honestly, we couldn’t have come across a more adorable, affectionate couple! Every time they looked at each other, they would immediately brighten up and get lost in each other. It was an incredibly sweet sight to see and we are melting by the end of the session by how infectious and genuine their love was. Since Gary is a professional baseball pitcher,  we also wanted to include a sweet game of catch with the lovebirds…  Here are Kellye + Gary. ^.^Half Moon Bay Beach Engagement sitting kissing