San Francisco Field Engagement SessionWhat a beautiful session we have for you today! Katherine came to us asking for an ethereal engagement shoot in a grassy field setting- one of our personal favorites. We always like to coordinate with our couples about what to wear and she sent us a picture of this gorgeous, flowy greyish blue skirt. The girl in me melted and the photographer in me began to discuss with Michael all the fun ways  to incorporate the skirt into our shoot. It wasn’t until the day of the session that we found out that this lovely skirt was not a store find, but especially handcrafted by our beautiful bride. Talk about talent! We had an incredibly sweet afternoon hanging out with Katherine + Kevin and are so excited to share the images from our time together. Bay Area Field Engagement Fine ArtFine Art San Francisco EngagementSan-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-004San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-005San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-006San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-007San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-008San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-009San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-010San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-011San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-012San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-013San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-014San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-015San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-016San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-017San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-018San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-019San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Field-Engagement-Session-020

This Love of Yours PhotographyIt’s 84 degrees outside and even with our window fan on full blast, it’s undeniably HOT in our San Francisco apartment. It’s such a rare event for the temperature to go up this high in the city, so I am totally embracing our fleeting taste of summer in April.  I went searching in our archives for this sequence, because where else would you want to be in a hot summer day, but outside. And more specifically lying out on a secluded beach with your favorite person, your camera and definitely a good book. It’s certainly my idea of a perfect summer day. ^.^

  • David F - I love your work and my wife and I were looking to get engagement photos done before our wedding in September. Please take a look at our website to learn a little more about us. We would love to take pictures by GG park in a rowboat, GG bridge, and perhaps some beach shots since we both love the ocean. Look forward to hearing back from you with a quote. THank you for your time.ReplyCancel