This Love of Yours Photography We are so thankful and honored to have our images featured on Pottery Barn’s blog! We are fans of bringing the outdoors into our indoors with simple, fresh flower displays; but much to our chagrin, putting them together is never as simple as it may appear. If you too, can relate our woes, then be sure to check out this helpful article on how to beautify your home with colorful Spring flowers all arranged by YOU!

Sonoma Farm Vineyard Barn Wedding Paige + Luke’s big day took place at the bride’s longtime family home which they transformed into a beautiful rustic Sonoma Farm Wedding. An interesting tidbit- Theirs was not the first wedding to be held here… or the 2nd or 3rd for that matter. In fact, more than a handful of their relatives have officially tied the knot in this beautiful, rustic location. How amazing is that?? Their family home has witnessed so many amazing occasions and happy unions and this time this celebration centered around our beautiful bride and groom, Paige + Luke. Love was in the air and there was plenty of excitement and the sense of festivity was truly palpable, everyone was having such a wonderful time. Overall, it was an amazing day and we couldn’t be happier for our couple!
Sonoma Farm Wedding Details Truck Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-003 Sonoma Farm Vineyard Wedding Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-005 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-006 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-007 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-008 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-009 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-010 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-011 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-012 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-013 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-014-a Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-015 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-016 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-017 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-018 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-019 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-020 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-021 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-022 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-023 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-024 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-025 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-026 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-027 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-028 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-029-a Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-030 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-031 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-032 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-033 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-034 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-035 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-036 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-037 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-038 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-039 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-040 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-041 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-042 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-043 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-044 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-045 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-046 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-047 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-048 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-049 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-050 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-051 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-052 Sonoma-Farm-Vineyard-Wedding-053

San Francisco City Hall Elopement Vespa Wedding Shayna + Igor had a super cute San Francisco City Hall elopement wedding and we were so excited to be a part of it. The couple met in Spain while she was looking for new adventure and learning their romantic language. They started out as language exchange partners, but in their time together, they exchanged more than just conversation and tips on grammar and eventually fell in love. For their wedding, they were accompanied by Shayna’s family who traveled from all over the country, even Hawaii, as well as Igor’s parents and sister who sat in on the ceremony through a live Skype session from their home in Spain. It was great time time to be had and we loved the feeling of closeness + family that was shared by all. Living in the city, Shayna + Igor’s preferred mode of transportation are their respective Vespas, so we were delighted when they wanted to incorporate it to their bride and groom photos. We especially loved the glittery, minty green color of the Vespa and how it tied into the color of the succulents in the wedding… What can we say, Shayna has a great sense of style (and taste in groom)! Million congrats to this amazing couple!
San Francisco City Hall Elopement Sign San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-003 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-004 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-005 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-006 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-007 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-008 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-009 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-010 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-011 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-012 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-013 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-014 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-015 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-016 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-017 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-018 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-019 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-020 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-021 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-022 San Francisco City Hall Wedding San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-024 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-025 San Francisco City Hall wedding elopement San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-027 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-028 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-029 San-Francisco-City-Hall-Elopement-Vespa-030

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