:Personal: Cross-Country Travels Chapter 2

The second leg of our cross-country trip  went a little something like this ^.^:

Eating Texas sized steak at Del Frisco’s Steak House.  Above is Michaels Porterhouse and below is my glorious Trio of Filet Mignon.  I’m not a huge steak eater, but these were sooooo gooooood. ^.^

Full and hanging out in the hotel after stuffing ourselves.

Our brave Niko also made an appearance.  

Apparently it snows in Sante Fe, NM.  Who knew?

The traditional adobe architecture is just so beautiful.   

There was something about the entrance to Cafe Castro in Sante Fe, New Mexico .  So enchanting..

If you ever find your self in New Mexico, you must must must try their green and red chiles.  Michael ordered the green while I got the red.  Of course we both liked the red ( mine ^.^) better.

The best tamale I have ever had… sorry David Chang.
Who-hoo! Desert! Seeing it for the first time, I totally fell in love.

Of course, we had to pull off to the side of the road a few more times to take in the beautiful desert landscapes.  We might have been a little restless from being in the car for too long.

See, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Hi moon!

On to Arizona and the final chapter of our journey.