:Wedding: Wendy + Ken

undefinedAs a fine art wedding photographer, my life and world revolves around love. Day in, day out- I have the pleasure of being witness to the most wonderful feeling a human can experience and seeing it at its most optimistic and perfect. I mean, the Beatles said it best- “All You Need is Love” and I totally agree. Seeing Wendy and Ken together, I am so grateful and feel lucky to have been able to witness their union.  Their connection is so strong and their love for each other so obvious…. While they were declaring their vows of love for each other, tears were running down both Ken and Wendy’s faces and I found it so incredibly hard to hold back my own…. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it again. ^.^ Thanks Wendy and Ken to have allowed us to be a part of your day and even though you won’t need it, I wish you many years of laughter and love. ^.^ undefined