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Brooklyn Bridge Destination Engagement Session – Eva + Victor

As much as we love San Francisco with its colorful architecture and rolling (at times steep) hills overlooking the ocean, going back to vibrant NYC is always a pleasure! A few weeks ago, we got to explore the streets of Brooklyn with the uber stylish Eva + Victor taking in the beautiful cobblestone streets.  We ended… where else but the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Victor currently resides in Brooklyn while Eva lives in the Bay Area. Due to the distance, their dates consist of lots of Skyping and lots of traveling back and forth between the coasts. So, the super adorable couple wanted to incorporate their long distance situation into their session. We had so much fun hanging out with them and we even bonded after our near death experience of almost being run down by angry bicyclists on the Brooklyn Bridge. hehe.   I can’t wait until chapter II of this session in San Francisco this autumn!

This piece of art Eva purchased really says it all so perfectly.  

Wahhh… Look at lovely Eva! My camera is just smitten by her! ^.^

Destination Engagement / Bridal Photos – Cheryl + Kenny – Chapter II

Cheryl and Kenny came from their home in Malaysia to NYC for their engagement session. They wanted their photos to be very representative of New York, so what better locations than the Brooklyn Bridge, a Manhattan rooftop next to the Chrysler Building and the super iconic Times Square?? This session is one of my favorites of all time- it is filled with lots of romance, style and a dose of playfulness that represents this couple sooo well! I am so excited to share the photos from the latter part of our session with Cheryl and Kenny. Enjoy!  Click here to see images from chapter I