Holman Ranch Wedding

Holman Ranch wedding shoot Louboutin

There is just something about shoes that really captures the heart of women, isn’t there? Admittedly, I am not the biggest shoe person, however the glamorous girl in me felt a little giddy when I saw these beautiful suede teal Louboutins. They totally remind me of summertime and the deep green-blue hue of swimming pools. I am writing this on a particularly hot day and these shoes are like dipping your toes in cool water or taking a bite out of a refreshing + sweet of shaved ice … Ever since we photographed these shoes at the stunning Holman Ranch, I have been itching to share these images. Today it seemed like the perfect time. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and make sure to take advantage of this little wave of warm weather here in the city before the fog swallows us again.