:Personal: Cross-country Travels Chapter 1

It’s not every day that life brings you the opportunity to travel across country.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have.  The journey was filled with so much laughter, visiting family, amazing eats, plenty of gas stations, and a fair share of meows from the back seat drivers.  The music was playing, the energy drinks were flowing( Wired B12 Rush was by far the best) and the camera(s) were there to catch it all.  I hope you enjoy my initial offering of the journey.  Much more to come …

First Stop, Chandler’s Deli in Nashville, TN for some home cooked BBQ.

The fried green tomatoes were so amazing!  Salty, sour, fried!  Yum!

We stayed a few days with my Aunt in Alabama.  Of course we had to take a few shots out by their adorable goat pen.

He was such a sweetheart.  And his beard was out of this world.

Our next BBQ stop was in Memphis, TN and a really cute place called Central BBQ.  Michael absolutely LOVED the ribs!

The next day while driving through Texas, I saw this great little spot along the side of the highway and affectionate yelled “STOP HEREEEEE”!  Michael knew just what to do.  It turned out to be a perfect spot for a fun little photo shoot.

Here I am with my Canon Eos 630 film camera.

Monster Absolute Zero Energy Drink.  The Runner up for best tasting energy drink in the world…well at least the country.

Is that how your supposed to do it? Tehehe,  I’m not really sure, but it sure was fun.   ^.^

Now off to Dallas!