San Francisco Golden Gate Park Engagement – Katherine + Marco

San Francisco Wedding Photographer EngagementIt was a gorgeous day when we met up with Katherine + Marco for their San Francisco Golden Gate Park engagement session. At this time of year, the green grass is no longer green. It turns this amazing soft, golden color that we are so smitten with and love to photograph. Since the temperature doesn’t vary much from season to season in San Francisco, we really look forward to the turning of the hills from green to gold to signify the coming of Summer. ^.^ Photographing  Katherine + Marco felt very much like Summer is near, they brought some colorful bouquet of flowers, some books, a blanket, and their new totally cute puppy, Milton. We can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful day in Golden Gate Park than having a lazy day relaxing and enjoying the sun and gorgeous surroundings! On an interesting note, among the books they brought was one written by Marco himself! He created this amazing story (fake authors on the cover and everything!),  which also included two characters, Marco + Katherine… (haha Can anyone see where this is leading?) The book ends with our protagonists falling in love and with him popping the big question!!  The real Marco used the book as a way to pop the question himself!   Wow… To have a book where you are the main character, how cool is that? After having met with a lot of super cool couples, this is definitely the most unique proposal we have ever heard of. We are so happy to have been a part of their engagement session and wish Katherine + Marco (+ Milton) many, many more incredible summers together. Congratulations!
San Francisco Engagement Photographer ParkLove the interactions between the whole family. hehe So cute!