San Francisco Sunset Beach Engagement – Eva + Victor

When our couples choose locations that have a special meaning to them, the session already has so much going for it!  But as you’ll see later sometimes a little spontaneity can go a long way too.   In Eva + Victor’s case, we began at the Legion of Honor and then went to a Golden Gate Bridge lookout. This spot was special to them since Victor proposed to Eva looking out onto the gorgeous San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge. How romantic is that?? That day was a particularly gorgeous day, so there were many others who came to admire the incredible view, but Eva + Victor only saw each other. They are so amazingly cute and silly together! We finished the session by pulling into a small recreation area that led down to a secluded beach. At first we had no idea where we were going. It was a pretty steep hike down and so totally random, but the result was a definite pay off. Dark sand, stunning sunset, exotic cliffs and rock formations- such a perfect ending to our sunset beach engagement session… We are so lucky to have such awesome couples like Eva + Victor who are up for adventure and trust our artistic vision.  It really was an unforgettable way to spend our Sunday. To read more about Eva + Victor, check out their Brooklyn engagement session that took place earlier this summer.  Can’t wait for their wedding next year!
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